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Information Exchange provides an electronic gateway service for Members connecting practitioners,finance managers and executives to Australia's leading specialist advisers to acquire professional opinion on line. Each year, thousands of professionally considered opinions are delivered in response to member's requests dealing with all aspects of Business and Government Income Tax, GST, Superannuation and Corporations Law.

The relationship between legal practitioner and member is subject to legal privilege and all communication is secured within the member and adviser accounts at this web site. However in some circumstances we are authorised by our advisers and members to publish these Q&A's as a practical service for other Members provided we remove identities.

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Over 5000 real, practical Q&A's are dynamically indexed and chronologically sequenced for the current 12 month period:

Using the best technology available, our Q&A databases are indexed, updated and published on line using our proprietary publishing toolkits and usually within days of the opinion being delivered. Information is always immediately current, fully referenced and published in real time at a greatly reduced cost compared to traditional publishing methods.

Print Format Publishing

Of course we also publish in print formats for those members who like to read on the train on the way home. For these members it is comforting to know that they can always retrieve the latest changes from the on line libraries, and connect to the authors on line if they need to.