Connecting professionals since 2000

Our Advisers

Since 2000 Information Exchange has convened high level panels of Professional Advisers - highly regarded by their piers as experts in their chosen jurisdiction. Advisers are contracted to independently deliver advice and opinion to Members who submit their issues online at this web site. Advisers are acting in their full Professional capacity with Professional Indemnity covering information published and delivered.

Question and Answer - Step 1

Information Exchange Members outline the facts of the matter at hand and use pre-purchased "credits" to submit issues online at the 'Ask an Adviser' tab at this site. Issues are allocated to an Adviser who specialises in the appropriate jurisdiction to prepare a considered information response based on the facts presented.  Responses are encrypted and securely delivered to the Member Account vault.

Book a Live Meeting - Step 2

Following the initial response Members may use additional "credits" to attend a "Live Meeting" with the Adviser online Meetings are scheduled in 6 or 12 minute blocks to dicuss the matter at hand. Documents may be uploaded to the Adviser in advance of the 'Live Meeting'. The Adviser hosts and controls the meeting and the Member may request an extension of the initial period if required

Engaging an Expert Adviser - Step 3

How many times have you thought - "I should contact an Expert Adviser" - but you don't know who to call, or you are unsure about the Cost of an Engagement. So you don't make the call and do your best to decide on issues without confirmation or assistance. Well we can really help ! Using our unique pre-paid Professional Credit and 'Step Up' to engagement service, you can now contact an expert adviser, receive a professionally prepared response and follow up with an online discussion by voice or video. In the online 'Live Meeting' it may be agreed by the parties that a formal review of documents relating to the particular matter is required and 'Engagement" is the appropriate action. The Adviser will then download a 'Letter of Engagement' and the matter will progress offline and external to the Information Exchange. Information Exchange receives no transaction fee for any matter that is taken offline by the parties.

We resolve real issues for busy executives managing risk and compliance. Let us confirm your view online with an expert adviser.